Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last First Day

Last First Day

There he goes
walking out the door
time flew by
can't I have some more?
Senior year
how can it be true
his life was brand new

A young man
where once was a child
tearfilled eyes
raw emotions not mild

very last first day
all year long
last things celebrate

Thanking God
joy watching him grow
mother's heart
holds while letting go

~Chandra Lynn Smith, 8/27/08
You can check out more of her poetry at: ChandrasPlace
Like Chandra's son, my son had his last first day of school on Monday. I'm so proud of who he is and who he's becoming. Like all families, we definitely know each other's faults and areas we need to improve. But he's doing great.
This is why no post from me so far this week. Getting back into the school schedule, then my DSL was down nearly all day Monday. My company sent me a new work PC, and I had to get that back on line, plus work on making up my lost time from Monday. Life sort of snowballs!!
I could use a snowball or two--can you believe Labor Day weekend is coming? It's still in the 90s here in Texas. Whew.

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Rene' Morris said...

Awww! Great poem. My oldest turned 17 today and my second oldest was 15 yesterday. I can't believe I have a 17 year old!