Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Word Of Promise: The Gift of Psalms

As a reviewer/blogger for Thomas Nelson Publishing, I have the opportunity to read and "try" different products. I'm a big fan of the Psalms, which is why I chose The Word of Promise: The Gift of Psalms. A variety of actors read 50 psalms, and while part of me enjoyed hearing the Words, I wasn't a big fan of the dramatic reading. Sometimes, no, most of the time, I think it's best to read the Words and not put so much emphasis on trying to make them sound dramatic. Like I tell my daughter, sometimes less is more. But that's just my opinion. All that said, the whole package is beautifully put together with the CDs and devotional book, in which each devotion corresponds to a given Psalm. Our lives are so busy that often we can't read as much as we'd like. This set would be ideal to pop into your car's CD player and listen to in traffic. Nothing soothes like the Psalms!