Thursday, May 07, 2009

How in the world did I end up here????!

When was the last time you stayed up late because you couldn’t put down a nonfiction book? That’s right, I can’t think of a time either. I stayed up wayyyy too late, nearly 1 AM, finishing this book. I chose The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley ecause it sounded like something that would benefit not just me, but my family and any friends who’d like to borrow the book.

Whether it’s your health, finances, career, relationships—this book offers strategies to get you on the path you’d like to be on. Most of us have some regrets—how’d this extra 50 pounds get on my body—why do I hate my job?—how did I end up in this relationship?—where did all this debt come from?

This isn’t a self-help book with generic, warm ‘n fluffy, positive self-talk. Yes, you’ll come away encouraged. But this book is also scripture-based, referring to the lives of King David, King Solomon. It provides concrete examples from the Bible about God’s principles and how they affect the paths we take. The solutions aren’t easy. We need to pay attention to what we’re paying attention to. We’re often far better at knowing what to do than actually doing it. We don’t realize the small choices we make are but links in a long chain of events that make us end up…somewhere.

Oh, and there’s a plus, too. When I was reading chapter 3, I remarked to my husband that there ought to be a study guide with this book. A-ha! I paged to the end, and sure enough, a study guide.

This book is not a complicated read—it reads very fast for nonfiction—but the concepts will make you pause and think. And probably stay up too late reading it. At least I did.