Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Life, Unsripted

Here's the scoop, straight from Tricia Goyer about her latest nonfiction book: My Life, Unscripted.

The Facts of Life was teen girl drama at its finest. Yet today's teens know life if NOT like the movies. Real life means real drama ... something teens face on a daily basis. Yet, do teens have to let their lives be molded by every wave of emotion?

My Life, Unscripted empowers teen girls to write their own script and direct their own life by using God's Script as a guide.


One of the reasons I was excited to hear about Tricia's book is because I have a teenage daughter. In fact, my daughter was one of the many young women who helped Tricia on this project. I loved hearing the sound of her fingers clicking on the keyboard as she answered Tricia's questions.

Another reason is that I was a teen girl yearrrrs ago. But I still remember the drama of the teenage years. Pressure about who you were supposed to be, how you were supposed to act, how to dress, who to hang out with. And how to handle the many curveballs life threw your way unexpectedly. Yes, I was a Christian teen, but still the battles raged. Lots of time I felt alone.

I wish there'd been more resources like this back in the 80's when I was a teen.