Monday, June 23, 2008

Money-saving Monday!

Every little bit adds up. A few dollars here, a few there. Just like when we were kids and our parents tried to get us to SAVE MONEY and not spend it. For some reason, it was easier just to spend what we had.

Here's my little tips for the week.

Saving gas: Combine your trips. Try not to make trips to the store for just one thing. Keep a note pad by the fridge to have a shopping list in progress all the time. The busier I am, the more I forget we're on the LAST ROLL OF TP (cue dramatic music). And so I jump into the car to head to the store for one thing.

Learn to read labels: Just because it's bulk, doesn't mean it's less expensive. Just because it's the store brand, doesn't mean it's the better deal. Take a moment and read the unit price on the shelf. Bring your calculator if you're bad at math. I know. I can hear it now: "But I've got ten screaming kids and 100 items on my list. Do you expect me to do this for every item?" Of course not! But we creatures of habit like to buy the same things all the time. Once you start keeping track of what items usually cost, you'll notice if a price goes up and down. For example, Wesson cooking oil was less expensive than the Great Value brand, so I purchased Wesson. Then Great Value must have figured this out, and the price of Wesson went up, and Great Value went down.

Learn to consider value, not just the price: Just because the chicken is 99 cents a pound, if it's not boneless, you're paying for bones you'll throw away. I don't care how cheap the meat is, if I'm paying for something I'm throwing away, that's not a good value for me when feeding a family. If you can't afford boneless, skinless chicken breasts, try the boneless, skinless chicken thighs. They are less expensive, and not that much "fattier" than the white meat.


Darlene Franklin said...

Good ideas, Lynette! Mom's an expert on combining trips. She says she's going to the post office and by the time she's come by she's stopped by 3 other places. Smart lady.

squiresj said...

I agree with all the tips you wrote. I have to make one trip do everything in one day as it is 15 miles into town one way every day I go. I live in the country. I also learned about checking prices. Another thing I do is freebie hunt on the internet and get free samples and use them for shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, etc. Just go to name brand sites and see what their promotions are. My daughter taught sometimes it is best to buy the meat you want if it is enough for me and my husband and not look at price per lb. because it is cheaper than eating out. God Bless you today.