Monday, June 09, 2008

Money-saving Monday!

Gas is four bucks a gallon. What a shock, right? We also have two teenagers who are working. We don't have time or extra dough to do much this summer as a family. This means we have to get creative.

One thing we're going to do is have a family movie night. We're going to drag out all the old home videos from years past--vacations, class programs, Christmases, and ball games. We'll let the kids choose some favorite snacks and one Sunday night after church, we'll sit up and watch the videos.

I can't wait. We've got all these movies sitting on 8mm cassettes, just waiting to be watched and memories rediscovered!

Maybe our kids (or yours) will moan and groan, or proclaim it the lamest thing ever. But I have a feeling once we get past the first few minutes, they'll be hooked!

So if you're looking for something to do, give family movie night a try.

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