Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Journey Through Loss

Author Darlene Franklin is one of my friends and critique partners. This spring she lost her daughter, and afterward Darlene started a blog to journal about her grief. It's a way for us to look over her shoulder and also see her heart during this difficult journey. It's also a way for us to hear how the Lord has been with her every step of the way. Darlene has started having authors as guests to share about loss, writing, and grief. Today I'm answering questions at Darlene's blog.

Please, stop by! I hope you will be encouraged by what you read. :)

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susansbooks said...

Definitely encouraged by your addition to Darlene's blog. You didn't soft soap the grief, but you honored and praised God for His presence and comfort. My dear neighbor died yesterday morning, after his wife and I tried rescusitation, and I am at the gritty stage right now. We are going to AZ the end of this month to finally scatter my Dad's ashes. My Dad lived with us for a year before he died, and I was so glad to have a part in caring for the wonderful man he was. God brought about a miracle in getting me to AZ to take care of my Mom about a month before she died, and then bringing my Dad back here to live. However, yesterday's events brought up the gritty part of the grief over my Dad. Sometimes I miss him so much, I don't think I can bear it, but then I picture him dancing with my Mom up in heaven, and things look a little brighter. Thank you to you and Darlene both for allowing us to follow your path of grief with you, and to see that God enabled and continues to enable you to work through it.