Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Money-Saving Tuesday (and more randomness)

Yes, I missed Monday. This week AND last week.

I met my deadline--a day early--and then we headed to the Texas Gulf Coast where we TRIED to save money by not spending too much. Found a great Thai cafe in Port Aransas called Thaiphoon of Texas. I accidentally walked into their back door and into their kitchen, got hollered at in Thai and English, and finally found the right door (hey, the restaurant was in a cottage, what can I say?). But I fell in love with their Corpus Christi roll, eight slices of rolled crawfish, crab meat, avocado rolled in rice and the 'seaweed stuff'. Very reasonable at $7.99 and just enough to make my tastebuds dance. You don't have to spend a lot of money going out to eat in a beach town.

One of the things we do when we go to the coast is spend a little bit more on a room where we can spread out, do our own food, and not have to eat out as much. I guess it's a tradeoff financially, but I'd go stir-crazy stuffed in a hotel room with kids for a week so for me paying more for a studio condo on the beach is worth it. We go here: http://www.casaonthebeach.com/. This year my hubby and I went on our own for the first time and left the kids home because they're working. We didn't spend as much $$ but it was bittersweet without them.

Anyway, I'm on to my next proposal and ironically enough, this one has fruit in the title, as do the next two books in the series. Am I getting stuck, or am I finally discovering a brand? Yet I love the ideas and I'm starting to love these new characters. We'll see how my editor likes these characters, too. And the titles were her suggestion. She's good at coming up with titles and she knows her market.

Hey, anyone following Nashville Star? Kinda interesting what people consider country music and not. Following a music dream sort of parallels following a writer's dream. It's a tough business to break into, but you stick around, show up, keep learning, you might just see things happen. What I like this year about the show is the mentoring aspect. Where would we be without mentors? I've been blessed to have a number of writing mentors in my life. I listen to them with the ears of a sponge (do sponges have ears?).

One final random note: I literally just got off the phone with my 51-year-old uncle, my dad's youngest brother. He called me just before midnight to say...HE'S GETTING MARRIED!!! For the first time. EVER. As my dad put it, I just saw a pig fly by the window. Who'd have thunk it? He and Nicole are eloping in September and then having a reception early next year. That way they can spend the money on entertaining and having a big bash, and enjoy time with all of us.

Time to start saving money for four round-trip plane tickets from Texas to Massachusetts. Woohoo!

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