Monday, July 07, 2008

Money-saving Monday!

Okay, I would like to say I've found some earth-shattering new way to save money. Not this week. I'm a firm believer in the fact that since groceries take the largest chunk of our budget (besides housing), we need to focus on trimming that budget to save money. A few dollars here and a few there add up faster than we realize. And watch those "free sample" tables. It's usually for a premade food product that is more expensive than it's worth, and they tempt you by giving you a bite. Cruise by enough display tables and you can add $15 to $20 to your food bill in one trip.

I've also been doing some thinking about the economy in general. I don't believe in being a Chicken Little, running around with a sign saying "the end is near" or anything. I think we need to watch the times and makes changes to our lifestyles. Let's face it. We Americans are too dependent on big-box stores delivering whatever we need. Who can forget the stories of immigrants going on their first trip to a large grocery store? I remember hearing stories like that, but now they make me pause.

We take so much for granted, that whatever we want will be at the store waiting for us. At a price we can afford. What if that changes? What if supply decreases and there's still the same demand for a particular product? Add gas prices to that, and prices go up, up, up. We need to start doing more for ourselves and being less dependent on those "big" stores to meet our needs. I'd rather buy from a local farmer's market and put money in the pockets of local farmers than buy into the big-box store lie: You must buy EVERYTHING from us because it's cheaper. Not necessarily.

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