Friday, May 04, 2007

Ice Cream and Box Fans

We bought some low-cal vanilla bean ice cream tonight, and an extra box fan for the front window. Our A/C is still not working, but everything else is looking up. We're trying a new electrician who can (we hope) figure out why there's no power going to the compressor outside. So I'm feeling more like my Schatze cat, although I'm a tad warm.

The days have been cloudy and the forecast for next week is mostly/partly cloudy. We're doing okay without air conditioning. Right now I can also say that we're blessed that it's not August in Texas, but only May, where the weather still can't decide if it's still spring or pseudo-summer.

Awww (changing subjects)...Phil went home on American Idol. Not that it's bad. Sometimes the winner isn't the only one to walk away with a contract. Just like in writing. He was really coming into his own, and I just wish he'd found his niche sooner.

Speaking of finding a niche...I need to get busy--on writing that is. One of the plagues/blessings of being creative is that ideas drop into my lap--or head--quite often. What I'm trying to do is sift through them, pay attention to ones with promise, and let the others go. Or at least sit until it's the right time. In the writing business, timing is everything. My time is also precious.

Which leads into the fact that I went to the doctor today and saw my favorite PA. I've got an infection in my gum where I lost a filling, and found out I need to be on blood pressure medicine again. That, and some pounds have crept on. (Now I can't say I didn't know...I had a sneaking suspicion when my 'big' jeans didn't feel so big anymore.) Time to get cracking on exercise again too. Which means I need to get my rear end off the chair!

(Learning to) praise Him in the storms! :)

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Amy said...

Oh my!!! We will be praying for your AC... ouchies!!!
Love y'all,