Monday, May 14, 2007

Faith, huh?

I battle with being a control freak. I'm quick to see it in others because I recognize it in myself. Can't keep my mouth shut sometimes or keep my fingers out of the pie because, by golly, someone NEEDS my help. Yeah right.

I was having an inner conversation with the Lord the other day about faith. I want to believe more, I want to trust more. Especially when repairmen were in and out of the house, I realized I wanted someone I could trust. Don't fix something because it's kinda sorta old and you can get a few hundred bucks out of me. Fix something because it's broken.

Duey is our plumber and a great guy. Fixed our hot water line, but while under the house he said he noticed the other lines were old too. Gave us an estimate, just in case in the future we'd like to reline the other areas like the main bathroom, master bath. I appreciated that. I trust Duey.

Do I trust God like that, not questioning and arguing?

On another level, when I fly to a conference, do I sit there and hover over the pilot's shoulder, making sure he's doing everything right? I happen to be one of those people who like to know how things work.

And life doesn't always work that way. God doesn't always fill me in. Why should He? (Yes, it was kind of a Job moment. Where were you when I made the universe, etc.?) But all He says is, "Come closer. Get to know Me better. I'm more reliable than your plumber and more trustworthy than a pilot to get you where you're headed."

So get closer, and get more faith.

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Dee said...

I know the feeling. :)