Thursday, July 09, 2009

He's calling...are you listening?

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is the latest book I've chosen to review from Thomas Nelson Publishing. This is a lovely little encouraging devotional gift book with a short "note" from Jesus for every day of the year. It's beautifully packaged with an attached bookmark, so each day you can page through the thoughts. Worry, surrender, trust are all recurring themes among its pages. Some might call it "fluff." No, this isn't a heavy doctrinal sort of book or in-depth teaching. For that, look elsewhere.

Because there are times in our lives when spiritually we just need the reassurance of God's presence, of His neverending care. And no, this isn't a "substitute" for the Bible or an attempt to "add" words to the thoughts found in the Bible. Rather, from what I read, I see the ideas and thoughts in this book are Scripture based. Each little note also has an accompanying Scripture reference that you can look up for yourself.

I have to admit that in the past when I've heard about books that claim to "speak" words from God, I've been a bit leery because I've seen New-Agey thinking creep into books like that. But from what I read in Jesus Calling, I didn't see any of those lines of thought. God is God, and we're not Him, and we do have His reassuring presence in our lives. We just need to look for it, and according to this book, listen for it.

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