Friday, January 02, 2009

For The Tough Times: By Max Lucado

I have to admit, I'm a Max Lucado fan. So when I had the chance to review For The Tough Times, of course I didn't pass up the chance.

Plus, I've had both friends and family going through some really, really tough times. Grief, loss, disappointment. Questions abound when the rug gets ripped out from under you. And when you're in pain, sometimes it's hard to remember the truths that you hear week after week in church.
This book can help remind us of what we know, or ought to know, with chapters titled:
Where is God? [nothing like starting with a biggee]
God's Great Love [something infinite, but beautifully portrayed in this section]
Eyes on the Father
Good Triumphant
The Bitter Taste of Revenge
In the Silence God Speaks
In the Storm We Pray
From God's Perspective
No emotion is left out--anger, regret, sorrow, the questions--and even though my troubles and storms are quiet during this season, I found my own eyes filling with tears as I read.
Not a long book, but enough to comfort. I'm sending my copy to a friend, and buying a few more to give to others as the need arises.
On an aside note: Max Lucado and a TON of other authors (including me) will be at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas March 20-22. What a spring break weekend! What an author line-up! And it's all because of readers. Hey, I'm a fan too, and I'm really looking forward to cruising the exhibit hall after my time at the booth is over.

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