Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Two Little Words

First of all, I must say--egads, it's December! Where did November go?

That's right. I had a book to finish. Anyway, that's done. Francesca and Alfred's story is with my editor. Watch for All That Glitters next fall from Heartsong Presents.

So. Two little words. They are very powerful when spoken sincerely. They mean nothing if used out of obligation.

This summer I wrote a blog post about not being afraid to say "I love you." After a friend's sudden death, I talked about those moments that pass quickly, and the people who pass through our lives as well.

Here's two more words to day: I'm sorry.

Back in high school, I took two years of Spanish, and I do remember how to say I'm sorry: lo siento. This literally means "I feel it."

How many conflicts and rifts exist between us all because no one spoke two simple words from their heart?

I'm sorry.
I feel it.
I feel the pain that I caused you, and it hurts me to know you hurt as well.
So I'm sorry.

Many times pride forces us to close our mouths and close our hearts and make excuses:
"They know I'm sorry."
"They know I didn't really mean it."
"They just need to get over it."
"You know how they are: just over-sensitive."

So we go on our merry way, assuming that the other person is fine, or will be fine in time. But we don't realize the hurt we cause does not always lose its sting as quickly as we think. We sometimes expect others to recognize our hurt and apologize immediately, but then we also expect any hurt we've inflicted to heal up just as fast.

I tell you what helps healing along: two little words. I'm sorry. Usually once those two words are out, the rest of it can flow and healing can come.

Christmas is about reconciliation. How about spreading that around?


Rene' Morris said...

And I think that's what gives those two little words that they are so difficult to say. When someone says it, and means it, you can tell. Beautiful post!

BTW, the captcha that I have to type says unwar. Hee.. That could be a new word to mean I'm sorry.

Malu said...

Some how the english language is so often used incorrectly therefore becoming not as meaningful sounding as it should be or intended to be. I kinda like the sound of the Spanish to English translation better. "I feel it". Maybe people would actually use it in a more heart felt way. And actually really think about why they are having to say it in the first place.