Thursday, October 02, 2008

Special Delivery!

A special envelope arrived last Friday, and inside waited a delicious treasure sent from my mom. Maple sugar candy! (Thank you, thank you, Mom!!!) Ohmygoodness, if you've never had maple sugar candy, that means there's more for me. And I probably blew it by singing its praises here. When maple sugar candy arrives at our house, it's usually for Christmas. I ration the candy out and make each piece last. But as it melts in my mouth, I can't help but chew down on it, at least once.

Mom went to The Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts to pick up the yummy treasure box for me. Better known as "The Big E," this New England fair runs for two weeks every September. Besides the fall foliage, The Big E was one of my favorite things about living in New England. Each New England state has its own permanent brick building--Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island--and they feature the best of their state. For me, the highlight of the Maine building was their ginormous baked potatoes, piled high with all the fixings. Yum. We'd go early when the gates opened, and end up at the Maine Building in time for lunch and get in line for a loaded baked potato. Then of course we'd go to Vermont for a delicious slice of apple pie garnished with a slab of cheddar cheese.
All throughout the two weeks, they'd have horse shows--we loved strolling through the show barns and seeing the gorgeous horses and beautiful ribbons they won. And who can forget the Farm-o-rama, watching the baby chicks hatch and petting the pigs (phew)? And every day, they had a parade down the main drag in front of the state buildings.
Thinking of The Big E makes me miss my sisters, and the fun times we shared when they were younger. I had my license and loved toting them around. My latest proposal involves three sisters, different from us, but sharing the same bond and having struggles of their own. It's set in Massachusetts, so I plan on having The Big E make a cameo in all its New England glory.
Amazing, what sweet memories a little box of sugar can hold.

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