Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Money Saving!

Okay, families large and small, the idea of saving money is definitely in everyone's minds.

One of the first ways we can start saving money is by de-cluttering. And I am in the running for Clutter Queen. Either it's because of busy-ness, or fatigue, or good intentions. But it happens. So get the kids together, de-clutter, and have a YARD SALE. You'll help other people find some good deals and you'll get stuff out of your house (so you'll find out why you have two staple guns because you LOST one of them). And you'll have a few dollars in your pocket you didn't have before.

I mentioned in another post (Pa, it's time to buy us some chick-uns) that we can save money simply by limiting our eating out.
We can also check out thrift stores. I know, some of them have junk. But last summer when I realized the kids needed sturdy rolling suitcases before we went on vacation, I found some nice ones for $8 apiece at a local thrift store, instead of paying $30 and up for a case at the store.
Click on the photo above and check out my friend Gina Conroy's Summer Savings at Writer, Interrupted, for more summer saving ideas!


Gina Conroy said...

Our neighborhood has a garage sale every year. It's in April and we participated and earned enough money for a softside pool, but now I'm sorting through old clothes and toys and see there's so much more to get rid of. I have three boxes for goodwill, plus another huge box or saleable items! This is definitely a great tip and to add to the yard sale idea, I think we made the most money on snacks and drinks! We bought cheap at Sam's and sold for a profit!

Lynette Sowell said...

That's a great idea on having a group yard sale! And selling snacks and drinks, too~~I think one year our church had a sale, and because it was in the fall, we sold hot chocolate.