Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm So Excited!

Finally, they're releasing DVD of one of my most faaaavorite books growing up--Little Women. The best screen adaptation I've ever seen was the TV miniseries from 1978, starring Susan Dey (after The Partridge Family), Meredith Baxter Birney (pre-Family Ties), and Eve Plumb (after The Brady Bunch). Um, I'm not sure I even remember William Shatner starring in the film, so I have no idea why it's important that his name is on the DVD cover, other than he's been able to sustain a career by making fun of his own over-acting. Anyway....
As a story purist, I'm often disappointed when I see how books often translate poorly to movies. Sometimes it can't be helped. Screenplays only allow you 1 minute per page of film time, and it's challenging to take a 300-page novel and condense it to less than 120 pages (or minutes, rather).

So I received an e-mail notification from that my favorite version of Little Women is finally releasing! I'm going to preorder it, and try to get my daughter sit down and watch it with me when it releases in October.The only thing is, I sure hope it lives up to my memory of how excellent the miniseries was when I was 11. We'll have to see. As best I can remember, none of the other versions--even the one starring Winona Ryder--captured the true essence of the story for me. But still, at last it's coming, and I'm so excited. :)

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