Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Sad Summer Commentary

Before I get to the Sad Commentary on the summer, I have to announce I've been given a Rockin' Blogger Girl award. Thanks and a hug to Chris Lynxwiler--love ya!! :) Someone reads these musings of the mundane, so, here I is. :) I'm giving this award to Cara Putman and Gina Conroy. You've blessed me through your writing and your gift of friendship. You ladies rock! I pray God keeps meeting your needs and giving you the desires of your heart! :) I thought of you two and the fun our anthology team had planning our Washington, D.C. proposal--as I head there next week. Nothing like doing the research backwards... :)

Now, about the commentary. On July 4th, my new bathing suit STILL had its tags.

This is where the summer's gone. Back around the end of May, I think, I finally found a new swimsuit. I won't go through the process of finding the right suit. That's worth about a month of posts. Or maybe not. It's so not fair how easy it is for a guy to get his swimming trunks.

My son stands at the racks of swimming trunks. "Blue and red...yellow and green with blue...solid blue. Hmmm. Okay. I like the blue and red. Here's a medium. I'm done!" He throws the swimming trunks in the shopping cart. This takes less than 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I go to 3 or 4 stores. Right top, wrong bottom. (What's with the 5,000 string bikinis in the stores, I ask you?) Wrong size. Wrong color. Oh, NO, you're not going out swimming looking like that? (What happened to the simple pink Barbie bathing suit with no shape??!)

Finally found a nice tank top and bottoms. Found mine with a little less drama, too. This means I only went to one store for my bathing suit.

This is the sad part...I finally snipped the tags off my suit yesterday. Haven't been swimming yet. Sigh.

Soon, though! I want a pool so bad. I don't mind the work, either. But vacation's coming soon!

For now, back to my tagged swimsuit, non-swimming life... :)


Cara Putman said...

Hey, Thanks, Lynette. I so hope the anthology gets picked up because it would be such fun to work with you, Gina and Frances. And I LOVE DC. Have a great trip!

Gina Conroy said...

Thanks so much! Somehow your email ended up in my spam folder and I just checked it!! I found several non spamed items there!

I've only been to the pool 3 times this summer, but it's finally quit raining and this week looks beautiful!

Ditto on Cara's comments!