Sunday, February 04, 2007

What I've Been Up To...

1. Working 40+ hours a week.
2. Writing. (e-mailed my Christmas novella to editor on Jan. 15; A Big Apple Christmas releases in September!)
3. Operating Mom's taxi.
4. Hanging out with my honey, playing house.
5. Doing a cool small group study on the Holy Spirit.
6. Researching new ideas and writing proposals. Critiquing for my awesome crit partners.
7. Watching some reality TV. Note: American Idol contestants, DON'T try the door on the left when you leave the audition room. It DOESN'T OPEN FROM THE INSIDE.

It amazes me how time slips so quickly through our fingers. You sit down for an hour, just to relax, and next thing you know, well--it's almost midnight.

With New Year's of course came resolutions. CJ and I have been eating better, and I can tell. Tonight's Super Bowl binge wasn't one. Now that we're trying to get a handle on our eating habits, I for one am going to work on redeeming my time.

What I want to do more:
Read more. Pray more. Study the Word more. Write more. Spend more meaningful time with my hubby and kids. Give more.

What I want to do less:
Be any of the following: Lazy. Selfish. Sarcastic. Suspicious. Preoccupied with trivial things. A worrywart. Procrastinator.

Time is easy to waste, and once it's used, I can't get it back again. While I seem like a busy person when I list all the things I do (much more than this list above), it's no excuse to drop balls or squander time. Just like nutritionists advise people to keep a food diary, I think I'm going to start keeping a time diary. While I can't cram 30 hours into a day, I also know there's moments I waste. Sometimes the shotgun approach to time management doesn't work. It becomes the equivalent of putting out fires.

If we don't manage our time, it definitely gets away from us! What are your methods of managing your time?


Christine Lynxwiler said...

Lynette! It's so awesome to see you blog again. And I love this post. I'm the world's worst time manager probably, so I can't offer any insight there, but many of your resolutions are mine as well. :)

Love you!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Ugh...Lynette, I needed this post. I'm doing a horrible job of managing my time. Sigh. You figure it out and let me know how you did it. LOL. Seriously, I need get a handle on my own time management.

(glad to see you back)

Cathy West said...

Hey I'm glad you're still with us! I was beginning to wonder...LOL!
Happy Writing!

amyanne said...

Great post! And Congrat's about finding your book at Wal-Mart...I can only imagine the giddiness! :)

I am Tricia Goyer's assistant. I am putting the blog tour together for her new book Valley of Betrayal. Would you be interested in participating?


Rachel Hauck said...

GREAT post. Amen and amen. Felt like I was reading something I would write.