Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stinkin' Paparazzi

Life can be not-so-glamorous, but lately I've felt like my family is under scrutiny of the paparazzi. Not peering through the bushes, but instead like our personal business is set underneath a giant magnifying glass.

And it's hard. People can pass judgment without knowing the whole story, except that which the tabloid in their mind chooses to print. To those among "the inner circle," we need give no explanations.

Feeling misunderstood--or worse, misjudged--really hurts. We can only rally around each other as a family and pray that this too shall pass. It will. Nothing earth-shattering, but let's just say our world has been shaken a bit. Life brings changes, and sometimes bittersweet ones. My only sadness in this change is the hurt it's caused us.

The fishpond has felt mighty small lately. I'm waiting for another small fish to be the big news. I know how Britney feels.

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Mirtika said...

Well, I dunno the particulars, of course, but I sure ask God to bless you with endurance and patience and peace through the ordeal.

Sounds uncomfortable emotionally, to say the least.

Mir the Hermit, who doesn't want to be the focus of any "paparazzi" style attention, metaphorically or literally. Unless it's to win a Nobel prize. :D