Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is It My Breath?

"The wounds of a friend are faithful, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." This hermit treasures her friends. But there's one person I've tried to reach out to in friendship, and nothing...silence. Does it hurt? Yeah. It stings. We share a common faith, common interests, and common personal battles. I would like to call her friend. At one time, we shared a good friendship. But things have changed. I hear her warmth and humor about other people, and when I send a note, all I hear is silence. She's not my enemy, but is she my friend? At one time, I thought so. Friendships take care and maintenance, and somewhere along the line ours has fizzled. Was it my fault? Was it something I said? Is my walk not deep enough to be her friend?

"He who wants friends must show himself friendly." Which is what I've done. Guess it hasn't worked in this case. I have a Friend, though, who sticks closer than a brother. (And I don't have brothers.) I leaned on Him for a while tonight, and I felt comforted.

If you haven't heard from a friend in a while, why not e-mail them or call and just say hi? It's hard to be friends with someone who only calls or writes when they need something. So give 'em a holler, no strings attached.

I probably have done nothing to offend her or put her off in any way. It's just one of those things, I guess. I hear people talk about the close writer friends they have, and maybe I'm the one who's cut myself off from people. I think most of us feel that way at times, left out on the joke, the fun, the elbow-to-elbow camaraderie. Which is why I need to lean a little more tonight on my Best Friend, who understands me better than even I can--me, who tries not to over-analyze things. He'll remind me once more that it's not about me. Or my breath.


Robin Bayne said...

Thought I'd just say "hello."

---A friend : )

Camy Tang said...


Another friend

glimpsing gal said...

Hi, Lynnette! Sorry this comment is so late - I've been out of the "blogger" world for a few weeks and I'm trying to catch up today! I can SO relate to this post - the writing life can be very lonely at times. While I am by nature more of an introvert I am recognizing more and more of a need to stretch my own personal boundaries and reach out to others, particularly writing friends. We need each other. Just know the next time you need a writer friend to be a sounding board, confidante, or just a general encourager, give me a holler! (Yeah, yeah, I'm a Texas too...)

Love ya,